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Evil Wibblings Of A Deranged Soul

Slev Weblog

29 December 1978
I am Slev. I grew up in the wilds of Lancashire, afore absconding to fail a physics degree at Salford University. Now I live in a house in Manchester with littletinwench, greatest fiancée on earth, hearin referred to as 'She Who Is Wonderful'. I have a boring office day-job, and, when the stars are right, I'm a self publishing poet & sing in a metal band.

I can oft be found in Rock Kitchen (RIP), Rock Bottom, Rockworld (RIP) and Fanboy 3, and and occasionally in Postmortem Bloodline Postmortem. I usually attend StabCon and the Bloodstock festival. I'm also at as many local gigs as I can make it to/find/afford.

Once upon a time muskrat_john proclaimed me Major General for the Army Of Dorkness, as I wind up running DorkStock UK whenever possible to run it.

For friends only, contact details are here